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Maintaining touch with her, my delight met her anticipation as I unbuckled my belt, slid down the zip on my crotch and carefully peeled my jeans down letting them fall to the ground at the previous minute. Already I had been growing hard. I motioned to lose the final garment of clothing in my entire body when she shook her head.

‘I want to,’ she said, coming to me and getting into her knees. The look she gave me afterward I could not have read if I was to pretend that my own sister was not seducing me. With bad mischief in her eyes, she hooked her hands under my waistband and pulled tight shorts down ever so slowly as I struggled to restrain myself. I saw lust, uncertainty and thirst all at once. And she rose to her feet and again stated, ‘undress me.

‘ I took her by her buttocks, quickly earning a detour to grope her cheeks and provide a confident glance, until turning her around so I had been stood. And site then I peeled her from her dress top to locate her nude underneath. I controlled myself from touching her, even though that time would come. Rather I smelled the fruity scent of her hair, inhaled deep and drew near, embracing her arms so my hands can unfasten her panties, and when she stepped out of these I unfastened her own hair also, letting it collapse luxuriously into the centre of her back.

All that stood in the way was the black thong she wore, so enhancing the curvaceous pear shape of her buttocks and hips. I turned her around again, came close to kissing her, descended to my legs as my hands snaked along her waist to peel away that previous bit.